Electric Drive Lift Platform

26 meters crawler spider car can cover the working height below 26.2 meters, ultra-narrow body, compact structure, strong passability, rubber crawler walking, all-terrain driving, flexible mobility. It is suitable for high altitude obstacle crossing, wall crossing and diving.

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Electric Drive Lift Platform

The 26-meter crawler spider car adopts double-layer retractable tower arm, which has a high span and a maximum working radius of 14 meters. High strength boom has better rigidity and flexibility, and smooth operation. Turntable back Angle ±360°, platform rotation Angle ±90°, greatly improve the work efficiency. Besides, the contact area of the legs is large and the Angle is adjustable and controllable, which can meet the complex scenes and work safely at the same time. Compared with other leg structures, the tipping risk is greatly reduced.

The 26-meter crawler spider car adopts wireless remote control and precise proportional hydraulic control system to ensure smooth operation and good micro-movement.

mini aerial lift platform

Maximum working height: 25.8m

Maximum platform height: 23.8m

Maximum operating radius range: 12.5m

Platform height at maximum platform amplitude: 7.3m

Rated load: 230kg

Number of people: 2

Platform dimension (length × width × height) : 1400×800×1100mm

Turntable rotation Angle: 360°

Platform rotation Angle: 360°

Rotation speed: 0.2 ~ 0.3rpm

Total length (fully closed) : 5800mm

Total width: 1100mm

Total height: 2218mm

Minimum ground clearance: 230mm

Preparation weight: 4950kg

Hydraulic pressure: 16MPa

Lifting motor: 48V4.5Kw/4.5cc

Climbing ability: 35%

Tilt Angle: X-1.5, Y-3

Driving speed (gathering state) : 4Km/h

Battery: 25.6V320Ah(Li)

Tire specification: 280*90*46 tracks

Walking mode: 48V3.5KW*2 motor

Boom row type: hybrid arm

Operating system: wireless remote control

Emergency device: emergency pump

Detail presentation:

boom lift scissor lift

genie telescopic boom lift

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