6 Meters Scissor Lift

1, full height walking, equipped with multiple safety protection devices.
2, DC motor drive, high efficiency, good sensitivity.
3, new energy power, small size, light weight, no pollution

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6 Meters Scissor Lift

6 meter wheel type is a high-efficiency working platform that can replace scaffolding and traditional hydraulic devices in shopping malls, warehouses, hotels, basements, workshops and other high-efficiency work. Its compact body allows for more flexibility in turning and safe passage through narrow passages such as green belt sidewalks.

The body of SJPT0607 is small, the width of the machine is 0.76 meters, the height of the fence is 1.52 meters, the weight of the machine is 994 kilograms, is not restricted by the lifting weight of the elevator, can freely access the building and passenger ladder and other narrow space, and the transfer of transportation is convenient and fast. Its rated load is 230kg, the length of the working platform is 1.4 meters, and it can extend 0.6 meters unidirectional to quickly reach the working point. Can accommodate 2 people to work at the same time, ensure safe and efficient operation at the same time with comfort. In addition, the 305x100 large rubber tires ensure the obstacle crossing performance, and the walking is more stable, the climbing ability reaches 25%, and the uneven road can be easily passed

scissor lift

Maximum working height: 8m

Maximum platform height: 6m

Minimum platform height: 1020mm

Working platform length: 1400mm

Working platform width: 760mm

Platform extension size: 600mm

Machine height (guardrail rising) : 2160mm

Machine height (guardrail folding) : 1520mm

Machine length: 1520mm

Machine width: 760mm

Rated load: 230kg

Safe working load of extension platform: 100kg

Maximum number of employees: 2

Driving speed (collection status) : 4Km/h

Driving speed (lifting state) : 0.45Km/h

Lifting motor: 24V/2.2KW/2.6CC

Driving motor: 24V/2×0.5KW

Ascent/descent time: 36/37s

Maximum climbing capacity: 25%(14°)

Maximum operating Angle: 1.5°/2.5°

Drive/brake: Dual rear wheels

How to walk: Trackless rubber tires

Wheel specification: Φ305×100mm

Battery: 2 x 12V100Ah

Charger :24V15A

Machine weight :994kg

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