12 Meters Off-road Lift Platform

12m cross-country high-altitude working platform uses 26X12-16 cross-country solid tires, strong grip, wear resistance, long life, smooth operation. And the minimum ground clearance of 0.3m, 2 3.5KW AC motor drive, strong power, easily through the multi-obstacle road surface.

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12 Meters Off-road Lift Platform

The 12-meter cross-country high-altitude operation platform has beautiful appearance, superior performance and strong power. All-terrain, all-road driving, unimpeded, suitable for a variety of wild harsh environment.

The 12-meter cross-country high-altitude operation platform has 30% climbing ability and is fearless of slopes. Its legs can be levelled with one button, making it flexible. In the collection state, the driving speed is 6.5 kilometers per hour, and it can carry out long-distance and large-span operations outdoors.

12 meters cross-country high-altitude working platform using 48V320Ah lithium battery, pure electric design, energy saving and environmental protection, no noise, zero emissions, long endurance, long working cycle, improve work efficiency. Battery life maintenance free, saving costs for users.

scissor type lift platform

Maximum working height: 14m

Maximum platform height: 12m

Minimum platform height: 1560mm

Length of working platform: 2270mm

Width of working platform: 1380mm

Platform extension size: 1000mm

Machine height (guardrail rising) : 2660mm

Machine height (guardrail folding) : 2000mm

Machine length: 3300mm

Machine width: 1800mm

Rated load: 350kg

Safe working load of extension platform: 113kg

Maximum number of workers: 3

Driving speed (collection status) : 300mm

Driving speed (lifting state) : 6.5Km/h

Lifting motor: 0.8Km/h

Driving motor: 48V/4.5KW/4.5CC

Rise/fall time: 48V/3.5KW*2

Maximum climbing capacity: 62/42s

Maximum working Angle: 30%

Drive/Brake: 1.5°/3°

How to walk: Solid off-road tires

Wheel size: 26×12-16

Battery: 8 x 12V/150Ah with 48V320Ah (Li)

Charger: 48V/30A 48V/35A (Li)

Machine weight: 3740kg

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