12 Meters Folding Arm Aerial Work Lift Platform

1. Compact structure, simple, intuitive and efficient operation;
2, the special steel structure of the boom, folding design, large working radius;

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12 Meters Folding Arm Aerial Work Lift Platform

arm type lift platform

I. The arm structure of the 12-meter folding arm aerial working platform adopts the form of synchronous folding, flexible extension, 360° rotation of the turntable, and large operation range. Mainly used in stations, shopping malls, stadiums, factories and mining workshops and other large-scale operations.

Two, product details

1, the working fence can swing freely in the range of 180 degrees, and equipped with weighing sensor, high safety.

2, with wireless remote control and hand control box two options, one key leveling leg, tilt alarm, overload alarm, emergency operation function, for users to relieve worries.

3, the vehicle safety performance is good, 24V DC power, energy saving and environmental protection, no pollution, zero emission, low noise.

4, electric hydraulic drive, equipped with car charger can be charged at any time, more convenient use.

5, Using advanced CANBUS technology, intelligent computer control, oil pipe explosion-proof, fault diagnosis, charging protection, tilt system, automatic braking, emergency descent and other systems, safe and reliable.

Maximum working height (m) : 12

Maximum platform height (m) : 9.95

Maximum operating radius (m) : 3.06

Platform height (m) at maximum platform amplitude: 6.34

Rated load (kg) : 230

Number of people: 2

Platform dimension (length x width x height) (mm) : 1000*600*1100

Turntable rotation Angle: 360°

Platform rotation Angle: 360°

Rotational speed (rpm) : 0.2 ~ 0.3

Total length (fully folded) (mm) : 3570

Total width (mm) : 1000

Total height (mm) : 2135

Wheelbase (mm) : 1830

Minimum ground clearance (mm) : 105

Weight of the whole machine (kg):2000

Hydraulic system pressure (MPa) : 16

Power unit: 4.5Kw/4.5cc

Climbing ability: 25%

Tilt Angle: X-1.5, Y-3

Driving speed (gathering state) : 2-4Km/h

Battery: 6V226Ah*4

Walking mode: hydraulic motor wheel type

Boom row type: folding arm

Operating system: wireless remote control/controller control

Emergency device: hand pump

Detail presentation:

one man boom lift

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