How to clean up the accumulated water on the aerial work platform

Problems and detailed steps that may be encountered in the accumulation of water on the aerial work platform: If the wading operation of the aerial work platform may turn off, the ignition switch should be turned off immediately, do not try to restart the engine, and move the aerial work platform to a safe and water-free holding vehicle The front is high and the rear is low, the purpose is for water to flow out of the exhaust pipe to avoid damage to the components. It is naturally good to have a solution to the problem of stagnant water, but it is good to prevent operations in rainy days, because rainy weather may affect the risk of equipment and personnel, especially in thunderstorms in summer. The task of the aerial work platform is to work safely at high altitudes, and safety is the center. It is necessary to ensure the safety of the operators, which is the basis of any high-altitude operation.


How cost-effective is the use of aerial work platforms?

Scissor-type aerial work platforms are common and widely used vertical lifting aerial work equipment. There are various types of aerial work platforms in the Chinese market. The mainstream types are still scissors, curved arms, straight arms, and masts. Columns and spider cars are the main ones. In the past few decades of development, especially in recent years, the development has been particularly rapid. This has a key factor in the importance people attach to life safety. In the future, aerial work machinery will develop better and better, and the prospects are bright. How cost-effective is the aerial work platform? In terms of safety, there is no doubt that it is the most secure aerial work tool. In terms of price, there are mobile ones that are several thousand yuan cheap, scissors forklifts and mast trucks that are tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, and medium ones that cost dozens of dollars. Millions of boom trucks, as well as millions of large boom trucks and spider trucks, provide users with sufficient choices in terms of price. At the same time, the height is also between 4-58 meters, which can meet the operation requirements of all conventional high-altitude operators.


Safety precautions for aerial work platform operation

During the operation of the aerial work platform, the operator should concentrate on it. Stop the equipment before using devices such as mobile phones, walkie-talkies, etc., which may distract the operator and affect safe operation of the equipment. Before starting to operate, the user understands the functions of the equipment, and the working characteristics of all functions. Do not remove, modify or disable any safety devices.


How to check and maintain the aerial work platform vehicle in daily use

Check whether the rotating parts are flexible. When assembling rotating parts such as oil pumps, turn the pump shaft by hand, and you should feel flexible and fail; when choosing rolling bearings, support the inner ring of the bearing with one hand, and turn the outer ring with the other hand, and the outer ring should be able to Stop rotating soon and gradually. If the rotating part does not rotate, it means that the inside is rusted or deformed, please do not buy. Look at the assembly parts. The normal assembly part of the aerial work vehicle must be completed to ensure smooth and normal operation of the assembly. If individual parts of the assembly are missing, the assembly will not work or even be scrapped. Look at the geometric dimensions of the deformation. Some parts are easily deformed due to improper manufacturing, transportation and storage. When checking, the shaft can rotate around the glass plate to see if there is leakage in the parts and glass plate, and judge whether it is bent. When choosing from a moving plate or Friction plates, clutch steel plates and friction plates can be observed in front of the eyes to see if they are twisted. When selecting an oil seal, the oil cover of the skeleton should be a perfect circle, and flat glass can be installed without bending. The outer edge of the skeleton oil seal should be correct, and the handle should be When deformed, it should be able to return to its original shape after being released. When choosing different types of gaskets, the geometric size and shape should also be checked.

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